Removal Method

When to remove or empty menstrual cup? Everybody bleeds differently, different amount, different time. Below is a general schedule that should be adjusted to your own body. 
"When to Empty" Schedule
  • Day 1 & 2 (heavy day) - remove/empty your cup after 4-6 hours (can be adjusted once you are used to your flow).
  • Day 3 (medium day) - empty within 6-8 hours
  • Day 4 - 5 (light day) - empty within 12 hours
How to remove? After washing your hands with soap, find a good spot to remove, usually over the toilet bowl or near the shower hole. If there is no bidet available, you can fill up the Breeze Container with water for rinsing purposes.


In the similar position when you insert the cup, 

  • Locate the stem of the cup.
  • Gently pull the stem downwards to move the base of the cup closer to your opening. 
  • Here goes, with your thumb and index finger, pinch the base of the cup to release the pressure/suction and pull out the cup. 
  • Empty it out and rinse with water. 
  • It's ready to be inserted again. There's no need to sterilize your cup every time you empty your cup. Just sterilize the cup after the end of your menstrual cycle.

How to clean before inserting again? Just empty it out and rinse with water. Don't need to sterilize again. 


*Colors are for illustrative purposes only. Illustrations done by Yi Zhen Leong, follow her on Instagram @shirotenzhen.